John Power

Screening Committee

John W. Power has devoted his career to leading and advising companies throughout the Agri-Food Chain on a global basis. He has worked with the agricultural biotechnology industry, the seed industry, the crop protection industry, the irrigation industry, the grain storage and handling industry, primary agricultural production and the food processing industry. He has managed both start-up business operations and large multinational business activities.

He is currently President of LSC INTERNATIONAL, INC, a Chicago based firm specializing in the provision of corporate and financial advice to participants in the global Agri-Food Chain that he founded in 1997.

He holds a B. Comm. and a M. Econ. Sc., from University College Dublin, and a MBA from Harvard Business School. He is a professional member of the International Food and Agribusiness Management Association, the American Society of Agricultural Engineers and the American Seed Trade Association.

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